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Basic rules -
Headtennis is always played on the four sevice squares of a traditional tennis court and can be played with either two or four players and a size 5 soccer ball. Each point opportunity begins with one side serving to the other, by first dropping the ball from behind either service square (server's choice) and kicking the ball to the opposing side of the net. Once the ball crosses the net without touching, the other side is allowed to return the ball by using any part of his body, except his arms and hands (soccer contact rules).
  • No player may make significant contact with the net during play, or may lean over the net during play. If either infraction is called by the opponent, it is up to the opponent's discretion to dictate a PGO or forfeiture of the point, depending on the flagrancy and intent of the infraction.
Scoring -
If the serving side wins the turn, a point is scored for that side. If the receiving side wins the turn, the reciving side wins service, but not a point.
All games are scored with either West Coast scoring (best of three games to 11), or Texas scoring (one game to 21). Each game must be won by two points or more.

Serving - serves must be placed cross-sourt, to the diagonally opposite service square. The ball must be allowed to hit the ground, before the opposing player can touch it.
Touches - Each player is afforded two touches of the body and two touches on the ground, each time the ball crosses the net.

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